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You can find timetable information for alternative routing, stop or service changes here.
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Diversions due to O'Connell Bridge Traffic Restrictions
We wish to advise customers that due to Luas Cross City works in the vicinity of O?Connell Bridge there will be some route diversions from 20:00hrs on Friday 29th July until 06:00hrs on Tuesday 2nd August.

Buses using Bachelors Walk, Eden Quay and O?Connell Bridge may be affected by diversions.

Please allow extra time for your journey as delays are expected on all roads in the area of O?Connell Bridge.

Please check with your operator before travelling.

Details of Dublin Bus diversions can be found here:

Details of Bus Eireann diversions can be found here:

Diversions due to O'Connell Bridge Traffic Restrictions
If you only need one or a few timetables, or want to update your timetable book, you can get a service timetable here just like it is printed in the timetable book.
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Additional information about your transport authority.
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